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Breed Rescue

Jake on the left, Shadow on the right
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The USA National Field Spaniel Rescue efforts are maintained by the Parent Club through the Rescue Committee.

Please contact one of the following persons for additional information concerning rescuing a Field Spaniel.

Breed Rescue Information
Lee Hildebrand Karin Cartwright helps
and may contact you
(518) 766.5348

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By Liz Peirce who is Shadow's new owner

Here's an update:

Shadow is even more at home now one year later. He's a great companion for our other Field, Jake, and for the rest of the family. He's as sweet as ever. His passion in life is yodeling whenever he hears a siren, and harmonizing when we sing. He has perfect pitch! We love him dearly, and can't imagine life without him.

Shadow is a mellow nature lover who spends weekdays in the meadows around our house in suburban Boston. He adjusted quickly and with the intelligence of a true sporting dog when it came time for his weekend jaunts to Martha's Vineyard. He travels well by car from our home to the Falmouth parking
lot where we hop on a shuttle bus to the ferry in Woods Hole. He loves the bus ride and the ferry where lots of adults, children and dogs greet him.

Shadow is sometimes aloof when other dogs come up to him on the ferry. A beautiful female boxer couldn't take her eyes off Shadow. He kept looking away from her. Finally her person had to move her to another deck because she struggled so hard to get his attention -- without avail.  Heartbreaker!

Shadow is a celebrity dog at the Farmer's Market in West Tisbury, greatly admired as a "real dog" by islanders and tourists alike. Many mistake him for an English cocker, but many islanders identify him immediately as a Field, although they're not familiar with the black coat. His coat glistens, by the way, and Lynn Finney must be thanked for nursing him back to good health.

Vineyarders love their dogs and welcome Shadow into their business establishments and homes. He's been a frequent guest at a new Tea Shop in Edgartown, several art galleries, a jewelry studio, a home furnishings business, and of course, the pet shop located in the three down island towns of Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. He gets loads of attention and liver treats. He seems to prefer the attention.

He is not a toy or ball aficionado and that is a complementary trait that fits well with Jake's (our other Field) love of toys and balls. The two Fields, both black, are adorable together. No fights, just good old boys hanging out together.